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MR & MRS Q&A –  

All about Mr & Mrs Crawford married on Friday 3rd August 2018 at Corr’s Corner Hotel.

1.    How did you meet?

In the Point in Carrickfergus

2.    How long are you together?

10 Years

3.    How did they propose?

Suzanne asked Richard as it was a leap year

4.    What’s your favourite memory of each other?

Giving birth to our son on the 8/8/2013

5.    Who’s messiest?


6.    Who’s the better cook?

Both of us

7.    Who’s funnier?

Definitely Richard

8.    Who says sorry first?

Me, Suzanne

9.    Who takes longer to get ready?


10. Who’s the realist and who’s the dreamer?

Richard is the realist and Suzanne is the Dreamer. 

A massive thank you to Suzanne & Richard for picking us as your wedding venue, we loved being part of your big day & wish you all the happiness in the world.

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