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Room for change: McKeever Hotels Go ‘Green for Clean’

NI Children’s Hospice to benefit from sustainable housekeeping initiative.

We, McKeever Hotels, a family-owned and operated hospitality business headquartered in Antrim, are proud introduced a new sustainable housekeeping initiative as part of our fund-raising drive for the Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice.

‘Green Rooms’ offers all guests the chance to reconsider their housekeeping requirements throughout their stay in McKeever’s NI hotels (Dunadry Hotel & Gardens, Corr’s Corner Hotel, Dunsilly Hotel and Adair Arms Hotel)

For each room which opts to go ‘green’ by forgoing their daily housekeeping, McKeever Hotels will donate £5 to the Children’s Hospice, which was recently selected as Charity of the Year by our entire workforce.

In real terms this means every 15 hotel guests who opt to display their ‘Green Room’ door sign, will pay for a vital two-hour health assessment by a specialist hospice nurse, and every 26 guests that ‘go green’ will fund a support session offering emotional support and counselling for an entire family.

The Green Rooms initiative offers a double whammy as it will also enhance sustainability and drive eco-efficiencies across hotel operations by reducing laundry costs, energy consumption and enabling more effective use of staff hours.

To further encourage guests to support the sustainable fundraising concept, each participating guest will have the chance to win a luxury Rituals giftset.

With the NI Children’s Hospice recently making headline news due to funding shortages, Eddie McKeever, Managing Director of McKeever Hotels highlighted the significance of the Green Rooms initiative:

“When we embarked on this charity partnership, we challenged ourselves to find meaningful ways to incorporate fundraising into our daily hotel operations, such as our coffee cup donations that we launched earlier this year, and now our ‘Green Rooms’.

“In light of recent funding cuts which have forced the NI Children’s Hospice to reduce its bed capacity, our new bedroom-focused initiative is both meaningful and timely. We really hope all our guests give consideration to this simple eco-friendly option as part of their stay and play their part in raising much needed funds for this very important charity.”

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