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A Chat with Rebekah, Your Friendly Lobby Host at Corr’s Corner Hotel

With it being International Women’s Day ,it’s time to shine a spotlight on the amazing women making a difference in our local community. We had the pleasure of catching up with Rebekah, the smiling face you often see welcoming you at Corr’s Corner Hotel when you pop in for a coffee. Let’s dive into her story and spread some appreciation for the women who keep our community buzzing with warmth and hospitality.

Rebekah’s journey at Corr’s kicked off back in 2022 when she joined as a part-time waitress while juggling studies at tech. Fast forward to today, and she’s the go-to person in charge of the lobby, making sure every guest feels right at home. It’s been quite the journey, from balancing plates to balancing the warmth and charm of Corr’s hospitality.

So, what does Rebekah love most about her job? Well, it’s all about the people! From the regulars who pop in for their favourite brew to the new faces with stories to share, Rebekah thrives on the diverse interactions she gets to have every day. Plus, having evenings and weekends off means she can enjoy some well-deserved downtime with loved ones—a perk we can all envy!

Creating a welcoming vibe is Rebekah’s superpower. She believes in greeting everyone with a smile that could light up the whole lobby and making sure nobody feels like a stranger at Corr’s Corner Hotel. It’s all about that inclusive atmosphere where everyone feels like part of the family—regulars, newcomers, and everyone in between.

In honour of International Women’s Day, Rebekah tips her hat to the leading ladies who’ve inspired her. First up, her mum—the ultimate superwoman who’s shown her the true meaning of hard work and sacrifice. And let’s not forget Sharon, the seasoned waitress at Corr’s Corner Hotel who took Rebekah under her wing when she was just starting out. It’s all about paying it forward and lifting each other up!

One thing that really makes Rebekah’s day – those little moments of connection with guests. Whether it’s remembering your usual order or sharing a laugh with your grandkids over hot chocolate, these interactions remind us of all of the special community we have here at Corr’s.

Got dreams of working in hospitality? Rebekah’s got some pearls of wisdom for you. “Don’t be afraid to ask questions, soak up all the knowledge you can. It’s all about embracing the journey and enjoying the ride!”

When she’s not spreading smiles at Corr’s, you’ll find Rebekah soaking up the sunshine with leisurely walks along the shore at Hazelbank with her boyfriend. And here’s a fun twist—she’s got a hot chocolate buddy in the form of a regular Corr’s Corner Hotel guest who runs a coffee van at Hazelbank Park.

Wrapping it up, Rebekah’s story is a testament to the power of women in hospitality. So, as we celebrate International Women’s Day, let’s raise a toast to Rebekah and all the incredible women like her who make Corr’s Corner Hotel the warm and welcoming friendly hotel we know and love.

Cheers to you, Rebekah, and to women everywhere who light up our lives with their hospitality and charm.

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