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We sat down with Martin Toner, the General Manager of Corr’s Corner Hotel as we celebrate 100 years of this iconic venue, to hear about what Corr’s Corner Hotel means to him.

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Having spent over 30 years working in Corrs I still like to think of it as the place I discovered on my first day on the 4th May 1988, it’s still hard to put your finger on I guess it’s a mix of the relaxed yet busy environment that creates an atmosphere that allow the staff to be themselves, the informal approach and yet professional attitude of the then owner John Corr and the Management team, where Mr or Sir was replaced by first names, everyone had their role to play and job to do but no one any better than the next.

When John sold Corrs to Eugene and Catherine uncertain times lay ahead, I need not have been concerned as Eugene had worked for John for some years previous as Head Chef, he knew how Corrs worked therefore nothing changed apart from the energy and vision of the new owners, for what was to be a journey that has taken Corrs from a road house to what it is today, and taken me from a Bar Man to General Manager and hopefully ensuring that the feeling I discovered on my first day of that very special place Corrs is will be experienced by others, a journey that has been an education that cannot be found in books, the trust that was given to me to maintain all that was good about Corrs and build on that.

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