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5 Reasons to stay at a Hotel out of the city

1. A Myth about Hotels that are not right in the centre of the city is that it takes a great amount of time to reach the city centre, however with Corrs Corner Hotel its only 7 miles from Belfast.

2. You can go for a walk, jog or even just to get fresh air through the Newtownabbey way. If you don’t fancy staying in your room for long periods of time, you can keep active and relax while enjoying beautiful, natural scenery that Northern Ireland has to offer.

3.Staying in the city involves a lot of traffic and unnecessary time spent in queues. Staying in a Hotel outside the city involves less hassle, stress and traffic. Corrs Corner Hotel is connected to Belfast City Centre by a motorway which has easy access in and out of the City so you get the best of both worlds.

4. A personalised stay. As Corrs Corner hotel is a family run hotel, we pride ourselves on offering our customer a personalised experience. From the moment you check in until saying goodbye, you are greeted with friendly faces and a welcome embrace.

5. You get to experience local products from award winning suppliers which you might otherwise not have got to try. Corrs Corner Hotel supports local businesses and lets you experience the great food and drinks that Northern Ireland has to offer. Local craft beers are available and the menu is full of great local food which is sure to get the taste buds going.

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